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The next video is based on a true Abby Sunshine story. One day we had company. Upon departure, one guest could not find his shoe. He thought it was somewhere in the yard and unfortunately it was dark so we could not find it. The next day, Abby was barking excitedly. We went outside to see what was happening and discovered Abby had found the missing shoe! You’ll need to watch the movie to see where she found it. This movie was created by Cousin Liz, with Renae, Gretchen and Lisa acting as best they could. Abby Sunshine played herself.

The following videos featured on website were created during a very creative summer “camp” experience with Liz and Gretchen, Renae’s (or maybe Abby’s) cousins.  They stayed with us for a few days and Liz, 14, award winner in the Walker Art Center program “Girls in the Director’s Chair” has again (successfully) created some entertaining doggie clips.  Thanks, Liz, and we hope you enjoy these segments!
Abby Sunshine – Six Quick Tricks
video by McNaughton Sisters Studios
Enjoy the 1 minute 39 second video of the Amazing Abby Sunshine doing tricks with Renae and Gretchen.

Abby Sunshine Catches a Ball

video by McNaughton Sisters Studios

Enjoy the 12 second video of Abby quickly catching a ball tossed by Renae.

Abby Sunshine is Not Afraid of Water

video by McNaughton Sisters Studios

Enjoy the 25 second video of Abby Sunshine lunging toward the fast spraying water hose to quench her thirst with Cousin Gretchen.

Abby Sunshine – Hard Day’s Night

video by McNaughton Sisters Studios

Enjoy this 2 minute 38 second music video of Abby Sunshine.

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  1. Renae says:

    Wow! Great videos!

  2. Theresa says:

    These are the cutest videos I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing. It made my day!!!

  3. Renae says:

    These videos are totally awsome!!

  4. mira says:

    this is totally cool dog i want a dog like Abby sunshine . her website is cool

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