Abby Sunshine

Duck Toller

6-20-11 Abby and the Ducks

on June 20, 2011

Abby Sunshine made new friends in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She was doing her usual fetch game (minding her own business) when a group of mallards couldn’t help themselves, but join in on the fun. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever acquired its name through this intrinsic quality- ducks are attracted to the dog. For some reason that we humans may not understand, ducks become curious and swim in closer.

Abby dashes into the water. The birds watch attentively as she goes after the ball. Abby is focused on the ball and has no trouble ignoring the ducks. She is on a mission and will not be distracted.

She continues to fetch the ball, near the waterfowl. They stay out of her path yet remain close.


Sometimes Abby takes a moment to study the birds. She know she has her ball, so if she looks at them, I guess it’s OK.

When Abby approaches, the mama duck quacks at her ducklings.  What is Abby thinking about as she swims by this noisy family?

Who cares! Let’s keep moving.

Abby is focused on her priorities. The ducks are busily attending to their needs. They don’t seem to be phased that a highly talented retriever is hanging around with them. Shouldn’t they be a little bit worried?

Well, Abby is not giving them any fears today. She comes in peace.

Good times with good ducks. . .

Did you say squirrel? Now that’s a different story.


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