Abby Sunshine

Duck Toller

5-13-10 Soccer or Fetch

Spring soccer is in full swing!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - At the soccer game - 5-12-10

Abby Sunshine, it doesn’t seem like you are even looking at the game on this rainy day. When I study your gaze and imagine where you are looking, I see a straight line right from your eyes to that tennis ball in the fetch toy. What are you telling us? Would you rather play fetch or watch soccer??

Though we can never be quite sure, I think we know. . .

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5-11-10 Abby Sunshine Watercolor

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - Original Watercolor - 5-9-10

A lively spring painting, on a bright, sunny day – including the tennis ball. . .

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5-10-10 Do I smell granola?

Don’t try this at home, folks. Not all dogs can sit this close to very desirable victuals. . . (yes, vittles)

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - Hmmm what have we here - 5-9-10

It looks like Renae has a friend, yes, a close and attentive little buddy. Why? Well, I am convinced it has something to do with the peanut butter granola bar. I think Abby Sunshine is hoping for a midday snack herself.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - Eating Granola Bars - 5-9-10

It appears that Abby is getting closer and closer. . .her expression looks serious and focused. . .Will Renae give in? Or does she remember that we don’t want Abby to become a beggar–or at least more of a beggar?
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - Abby looking away from granola bar - 5-9-10

Abby has come to grips with her good manners. She will not continue to beg. She broke off her staring fixation and will move on to other important things. Perhaps she’ll look out the window and try to spy a squirrel. Maybe she’ll find a good old chew toy. Maybe she’ll take a nap and dream about granola. . .

What do you do when you have to change your direction?

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5-9-10 Happy Mother’s Day

Mother Dog

Here’s wishing you a happy mother’s day, with wonderful, cozy memories!

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5-5-10 Creative Writers at Breck

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - Up Close - 4-17-10If only Abby Sunshine could have been there to watch those 2nd graders. . .wow, did they think of some clever ideas for their own animal stories.

With a large group book reading, and some small group writing responses, the creative juices were flowing in the lower school at Breck! Based on Abby’s book, A Day with Abby Sunshine, students thought about stories they could write about an animal of their choice, sequencing events that might happen during that animal’s day. There were so many exciting story starters. The kids were filling up idea sheets and thinking hard about what to do.

In another project, they came up with ideas about what to teach Abby Sunshine. I saw responses like teaching Abby to do back flips, or teaching her to run through a tube (like what is in a hamster cage), and even teaching her to talk! These kids were not stopped, they came up with all sorts of scenarios- both fiction and non-fiction.

The afternoon flies when your being creative. . . Do you think time feels like it’s moving slowly? Make up a story! That will surely speed things up. What is your idea for a good book?

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5-3-10 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

How familiar are you with Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers? Click here to see our updated page about this impressive breed of dog!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - ArtisticArtistic rendering of Abby Sunshine with a ball. . .

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5-2-10 Photo Gallery Update!

Have you been to Abby’s photo gallery lately?

Click here to see some really fun photos throughout Abby’s life. We have monthly photos since she was just a newborn, little tyke, looking kind of like a hamster! Don’t worry, there are only 46, one per month, labelled accordingly.


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5-1-10 Nice Reply from Nubs Author

I received a nice response from Mary Nethery, one of the authors of Nubs (you can see it in the comments from yesterday). Check out their website!


Mary has also written other books, highlighted on her own website. Check this one out, too!

Mary Nethery

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