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2-4-11 History of the Beargrease

John Beargrease, John Beargrease son of an Anishinabe chief and the namesake of today’s popular Minnesota sled dog race, was a force in the creation of many Minnesota towns as we know them today. In the late 1800s, he and his brothers delivered mail along the North Shore of Lake Superior. They were able to bring stability to communities depending on mail being delivered on a consistent basis. Transportation along this route included dog sled during the rugged winter seasons.


In honor of  his important role of service and dedication to this region, a sled dog marathon was created. Mushers come from near and far to participate in this popular event. Here is video footage of the 1st and 2nd mushers crossing the finish line- Ryan Anderson (1st) and Nathan Schroeder only seconds apart in the finish of the 2011 race.

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1-30-11 John Beargrease Sled Dog Race

Today is the start of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota . Check out this short video!

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