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1-9-11 Abby and Hemple, Through the Years

Hemple, Abby’s feline “sister-friend” passed away recently. Though I wouldn’t say that she and Abby were close, I would say that they peacefully co-existed, learning from one another. Hemple was “top dog” (in a home without dogs) for seven years before Abby Sunshine joined the family.

Hemple joined our family through a special event at the Humane Society. It was Pajama Day! The promotion stated to show up wearing your pjs and there was some special deal on pet adoptions. I can’t remember what the bargain was, but I vividly remember Renae and I dressed in pajamas, petting kitties! We met some adorable 7-week kittens, two of which were calico. Renae was one year at the time and called them “kidns.” She loved them.

The rest is history.

Here is an early meeting between Hemple and Abby. In this photo, Hemple may be more distracted by being outside (she was an indoor cat) than the fact that a new little puppy is looking at her.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - With Hemple - September 20062006

Here is the family, pets and all. Lisa is holding Thorndyke, Todd has Hemple, and of course, Renae is with Abby Sunshine, the “baby” of the family.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - Family - September 20062006

Hemple also inspired artwork. This piece was done in marker by Renae.

Calico Cat - Hemple - October 20062006

Hemple often enjoyed rest and relaxation.

Calico Cat - Hemple - April 20072007

As Grandma Dori noticed, Hemple wasn’t shy to stare at you.

Calico Cat - Hempy - August 20082008

She kept herself well groomed. Her fur always looked great.

Calico Cat - Hemple - November 20082008

She was a curious cat.

Calico Cat - Hemple2 - November 20082008

Renae enjoyed many special times with the kitty “sisters.”

Calico Cat - Hempy with Thorny and Renae - August 20082008

Renae made a castle for her Denmark project, and Hemple decided it was a safe haven – you can see her on the other side of  the drawbridge.

Calico Cat - Hemple in Castle - February 20092009

Hemple and Thorndyke could be seen hanging out together.

Calico Cat - Hempy with Thorny - March 20092009

Abby could be found trying to get close to Hemple, being as gentle as possible.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - With Hemple - January 20092009

We often worked with all pets to bring them close together. This was not Hemple’s favorite activity.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - With Hemple and Thorndyke - January 20092009

Thorny and Hempy would sit by our artwork of two cats that look much like them! The original 1894 piece is a Gigclee print by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen.

Calico Cat - Hempy with Thorny - January 20102010

Hemple would sometimes curl up into a ball.

Calico Cat - Hemple - October 20102010

Other special memories of Hemple- she would come to a whistle, pretty remarkable for a cat! She also had the nickname “pencil toes.” When she would walk on your back while you were lying in bed, her legs felt like pencils. If they weren’t digging uncomfortably into you, sometimes this experience could translate into a nice back massage. She would usually be purring all the while.

Calico Cat - Hemple2 - October 20102010

Thanks for the good times, Hemple.

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5-2-10 Photo Gallery Update!

Have you been to Abby’s photo gallery lately?

Click here to see some really fun photos throughout Abby’s life. We have monthly photos since she was just a newborn, little tyke, looking kind of like a hamster! Don’t worry, there are only 46, one per month, labelled accordingly.


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1-31-09 Abby’s January Photo

Hey, check out Abby Sunshine’s January photo! It easy.

Go to the right side panel:

See her cute puppy photos at top right corner? Scroll down,

below that is the RSS Feed (where you sign up to receive new blogs sent right to you), scroll down,

below that is the Abby Sunshine newsletter (which is now “in the works”), scroll down,

below that is “ABBY Pages,” scroll down,

choose “Photo Gallery”

Wallah! You can see Abby each month of her life! 

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12-29-08 Photo Contest!

Hey everyone!

Abby has been entered in a photo contest and we need your help. The Star Tribune Newspaper has a “cutest canine” photo contest! The first place winner receives $1000!! If Abby wins the contest, all proceeds will go to help in publishing the book,  A Day With Abby Sunshine. 

1. Go to this Star Tribune web page.

You will see a photo of Abby at a school wearing her scarf!

2. Above the photo is a registration tab. Select it.

This will just register you as a voter in this Star Tribune Contest. They need your email address and you may choose a password. It is very minimal information and easy to register.

3. After you’ve registered, check your email, they will have sent you a note to confirm that you are using a valid email. Confirm it with them by hitting “reply.”

Doing this gets you registered.

4. Return to the page with Abby’s picture and choose Vote now!

5. Abby’s photos are on pages 2 and 3. You may vote for all three of them. Please do!!


6. Thank you.

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11-30-08 Abby Sunshine’s November Photo

Abby’s November 2008 photo has been selected for the “Photo Gallery” page. Check it out!

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11-3-08 Little Abby Sunshine

Little Abby was such a goof ball . . . This photo was taken almost exactly two years ago- Fall 2006.When I get the photo gallery up and running, I must include this silly little puppy photo! Pupper Wupper, what are you thinking?