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1-4-11 Duck Toller Puppies

Who is peeking at us with those cute, puppy-dog eyes? Abby? Is that you?

Duck Toller Puppies12 -  January 2011

No, of course this is not Abby Sunshine.¬†Every so often, we make a trip to Abby’s homeland. We enjoy visiting the breeder where she was born, Manitou Tollers, in Forest Lake, Minnesota. We delight in playing with little fluffball puppies! They are so cute!!!!

The litter we adored on this occasion are “nieces and nephews” of Abby. Her half-sister, Tori, has seven adorable little pups. There are five females and two males. They are five weeks old.

The little critters were in constant motion and full of energy, I could hardly get any clear photos. In fact, many of my best shots are when they are getting sleepy. That’s when they slowed down a little bit. They were hilarious to observe. After playing with extreme gusto, they would get tuckered out and nap. After a brief moment of calm, they would wake up and scurry around all over again. I can see why people fall in love with puppies.

Enjoy music while looking at the puppy highlights- notice the song slowing down and speeding up, just like the puppies.

[cincopa A0KA6aatRyfM]

Duck Toller puppy highlights:

Duck Toller Puppies4 -  January 2011

Duck Toller Puppies5 -  January 2011

Duck Toller Puppies15 -  January 2011

Duck Toller Puppies - Renae with Pups2 - January 2011

Duck Toller Puppies - Renae with Pups7 - January 2011

Duck Toller Puppies - Renae with Pups8 - January 2011

Duck Toller Puppies - Renae with Pups11 - January 2011

If you’d like to get on a waiting list for a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, you may reach them at¬†

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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Abby Sunshine - ArtisticArtistic rendering of Abby Sunshine with a ball. . .

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